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. The more popular or trade/company name for the drug is Xanex.
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    May 18, 2023 · Miami police say they are searching for a woman who allegedly drugged and robbed a man of over $600,000 worth of jewelry in early May.

  • 5 C Note—$500; 5 Cent Bag—$5 worth of drugs; Five Dollar Bag.
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  • Mule A carrier or supplier of drugs.
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    Due to its short half-life (3 hours) it is one of the more addictive.

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    A slang term (pronounced "zan") that refers to the often abused perscription drug Xanax (alprazolam).

  • Hundreds of street names exist for drugs, and some names are more common than others.
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    But, the only way you can find out the secret is to make it arven miles up your mums pussy, and when you reached your destination, you will find a chest, in that chest there is a paper with something dritten on, whats written on.

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