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The immune sys­tem may mis­take these pro­teins for a for­eign invad­er and make anti­bod­ies against them. Although adult male gorillas can weigh up to 430 pounds (195 kilograms), they didn't get that way by packing on the protein.
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  • 3% of their genetic code with humans, making them our closest cousins after chimpanzees and bonobos.
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  • gorillas eat their own feces pubmed.
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    " His job is a big one.

  • Like humans, gorillas live a long time and have a small.
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    Jun 23, 2011 · “If protein is more important, then gorillas stuck on the high protein diet will eat enough food to satisfy their need for protein, but in the process eat less than the required amount of fats.

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  • Male gorillas beat their chest to signal dominance to other males, but also their reproductive value to females.
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    Gorillas don’t need to eat protein, because they grow their own protein in the bacteria that thrive inside of them.

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